To Learn – Basic Human Need   

We as human beings are designed to live with food, shelter, love, emotions, health, relationships, and many other things common for all of us in all over the world. Our instincts, attitudes, behaviors, aptitudes and personalities are totally understood the world over. We recognize the meanings of universal realities, international human rights, the definition of love, happiness and humanity as a whole in all over the world.

Our birth is celebrated all over the world and people try to give us a pleasant start with new clothes, toys, and a variety of experiences. We follow a set routine and with a few specialties continue with our growth and developmental milestones recognized universally. In the first few years, our learning is vital and most of us could speak very well out of practicing and learning new words in the first three to four years of childhood. Then our schooling takes charge for our learning goals. The children, who do not go to school, continue learning different things, behaviors, tasks and concepts through experiences, interactions with people and through working somewhere- at home or in markets. School going children also continues learning both at home and in schools.

A child learns everyday something new and her learning continues till the time she is an old figure. Brain is the last part that deteriorates with the age factor and it is also proved that the more we use it, the more we refresh it. Although brain cells are not very active in our old age, but the impact of old age on the brain is the lease one as compared to other parts of the body. Then why a few of us stop learning?

We not only self harm ourselves in the shape of punching, teasing, biting, hitting, rather by stopping progressing. It is our innate need to grow and to develop in terms of successes and achievements through learning and experiencing. When we stop trying, learning or progressing, we stop our growth. We do self-harm and suffer in the long run. We become dull, special, unnatural and vulnerable. We simply harm our self by just not doing any effort to learn more, to solve our problems, to find successes, and to get more pleasures in life. It is not only our innate instinct to learn rather our fundamental right and our biological need to learn from time to time. We need to struggle continuously for our better future, brain health, and growth as a whole.

This learning that we need to learn throughout our lives is vital for the people who are suffering from any kind of psychological disorder. When a person understands the nature of his/her problem, and he/she takes steps accordingly, things will improve day by day. On the other side, when he/she denies going ahead towards the solution of the problem, he/she will forcibly stop his/her growth that will generate further related disorders.

To continue with our learning needs, we need not to get a degree, a certificate or a practical course of action somewhere. Rather we need to engage ourselves in experimenting new things, trying new solutions for our problems, and adding new things in our life to benefit more and more. Our efforts towards the goals should never end up with a full stop. We need to refresh our goals list whenever we achieve the old ones. And the process needs to continue till the time we die or are unable to think anymore.

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